Top 10 Reasons To Meet In Aruba
Aruba Advantages

With so many destinations to choose from, why choose Aruba? Below are a few advantages that meeting, event, and travel professionals find instrumental in successfully planning and actualizing a meeting, convention, or incentive trip,and insuring that everyone has both a safe and relaxing experience here.Our advantages spotlight why we are your best choice.

Premier Meeting Accommodations

Aruba’s varied and dynamic venues for events are first-rate, with facilities to suit meetings, seminars, and trade and exhibition shows.

Stay Connected

Aruba features the highest penetration of Internet users in the Caribbean thanks to WiFi connections throughout the island, so members of your group can stay connected.

Expense It

Aruba operates under the umbrella of the Tax Information Exchange Agreement, which allows meeting expenses incurred here on Aruba to be tax deductible in the U.S.

World Class Hotel Accommodations

Finding the right hotel for your group is easy. Accommodations dot the scenic coastline of Aruba, from top brand hotels to quaint boutique resorts.
Easy Access from North America, Latin America & Europe
Aruba has over 100 non-stop flights every week from 14 U.S. gateways, and one-stop connections from almost every city in the United States and Canada. U.S. travelers enjoy Homeland Security pre-clearance in Aruba for a faster return trip. Aruba also welcomes international flights from many European and Latin American countries.

Welcome…and welcome back!

Aruba’s dedication to hospitality is the pillar of Aruba’s success as a travel destination. It is not a cliché but a reality, and that is why a full 40% of our visitors (the highest repeat ratio in the Caribbean) return again and again, allowing us to say welcome back!

Reliable Sunshine

Let’s face it—if you are choosing an island destination you want sunshine! Aruba boasts spectacular sunshine nearly every day, refreshing trade winds, breathtaking sunsets, low annual rainfall, and a year-round temperate climate averaging 82°F (28°C).

Just Like Home

Aruba makes traveling outside the continental United States easy for your guests, allowing them to experience everything Aruba has to offer while feeling safe and secure.

Currency exchange is not confusing here, as the U.S. dollar is widely accepted at our shops and restaurants.
No need to worry about finding a converter for your blow dryer or electric shaver—Aruba runs on 110-watt voltage electrical outlets, just like at home in the U.S.

Don’t worry about getting lost in translation—here on Aruba most of us speak four languages, including English.