Getting To Aruba
Entry Requirements
International Tips
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International Tips

Aruba’s unique location and partnership with North America makes international travel to Aruba a little easier than most other countries. Still, we offer you these international travel tips to help you plan your next meeting.

Entry Requirements

As proof of identity, U.S. citizens must show:
A valid U.S. Passport
A U.S. resident (non U.S. citizen) must have a re-entry permit to the U.S. or an Alien Registration Card (green card).
Click here to download an information sheet on Visas and visitation restrictions.

Packing Tips

Casual is the key to packing smart. Comfortable, warm-weather clothing generally is acceptable in restaurants, shops and attractions. Aruba rests in the paths of constant trade winds, which offer a cooling effect. Bring some dress casual clothing to visit night spots or to have dinner in an elegant restaurant.

Bathing suits are fine for the sand and the sun, but they are not permitted indoors in businesses anywhere on the island.

Time Zones

Aruba is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. Daylight savings time is not observed, so during the winter Aruba is one hour ahead of EST.

Currency/Exchange Rate

The Aruban florin is the official Aruba currency, however the US$ is accepted everywhere. To change florins to US dollars, divide florin amount in half and add 10%. This formula will be especially useful when shopping in supermarkets. Exchange rate for US dollars is awg 1.77 for cash and awg 1.78 for travelers checks. (awg 1.75 at supermarkets and gas stations / awg 1.80 at shops and restaurants)All major credit cards and travelers checks are accepted. Some shops will not accept US $ 50 or US $ 100 due to worldwide counterfeiting.

To exchange money you can go to any bank in Aruba, most Aruba banks operate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Banks are closed on official holidays. A bank is available in the Aruba airport to exchange currency. Meeting participants may use ATM cards to withdraw U.S. dollars.