Brings memories of Aruba to LIFE!

Virtual reality is, well, a reality! Your group members can travel back to Aruba and all the amazing moments experienced here with the help of virtual reality technology. Bats Media has introduced 360°video that along with VR Goggles, allows participants to relive their fondest Aruba moments and special events when they return home. This new service is a first for the island’s incentive market. A SITE member and SITE CIS-certified, Julian de Bats will be on site to record your special moments using the 360°video technology. Contact Julien at for more information!

Local Products

Sunburns are no fun!

Nothing can spoil the fun like a bad sunburn. A great amenity to add to any welcome basket is sunscreen. But not all sunscreens are created equally, and the ingredients in some can be harmful to your health and to our fragile ecosystem. One ingredient in particular -oxybenzone- has been linked to contributing to various health concerns and allergic reactions. Additionally, this ingredient is extremely harmful to our coral reefs and sea life.

An alternative to these sunscreens can be found right here on the island-Arubalife Organic Sunscreen. This mineral-based sunscreen butter contains only the essential ingredients to protect and moisturize your skin – nothing more. For more information, contact Julienne Heronimo at


New Evening Walking Food Tour through Downtown Oranjestad

Aruba’s heritage is not relegated to just guidebooks-it is alive and breathing in our landscapes and streetscapes, our cuisine, our art, and our people. In 2016, Aruba Downtown Walking Tours began a dynamic interactive tour with local experts sharing an authentic perspective of historic downtown Oranjestad. Rich in history and local anecdotes about our cherished monuments and significant architecture, with stops at various eateries for noshes of Aruba’s traditional cuisine, the tour was an overnight success. Mark Benson, the curator of the tour, recently launched an evening version of the tour, with a tasty emphasis on cuisine. This tour is an ideal group activity that will give participants a taste of both local heritage and food.

For more information and to schedule a tour for your group, visit the website at