Food & Drink

From traditional Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish, dining options are as diverse and welcoming as our people.

Hot Delight

Made by Aurelio Ruiz using a recipe that his grandfather developed in 1880, Hot Delight gourmet products have won international acclaim. These hot sauces are made of Madame Jeanette (Scotch bonnet) peppers that far exceed the jalapeno in intensity. The pica di papaya version, made with locally grown green papayas, is somewhat less potent than the original version, but it still packs a punch! These sauces are all-natural and contain no preservatives.  Facebook:

Aruba Heat

Also utilizing the Caribbean’s extremely hot Madame Jeanette pepper, Aruba Heat bottles three different hot sauce varieties, each kicked up with a different level of heat.  All three sauces are unique in flavor, infusing natural ingredients like dry coffee, pineapple, mango, coconut, molasses, and ginger root to complement the spiciness of the peppers. Layered in heat and flavor, they will win the approval of any hot sauce connoisseur.  Individual bottles, as well as convenient gift packs with a sampling of all three sauces, are available.  Website:

Nonna’s Gourmet

Homemade jellies, jams, and hot sauces by Nonna’s Gourmet included locally sources fruits, vegetables, and Aruba’s famous Madame Jeanette peppers.  Popular items include Ginger Pica Jelly (pica means “spicy”) and Andicuri Mango Hot Sauce, made with locally grown mangoes.  Facebook:

Balashi Beer

Stock the fridge and mini bar with libations made right here on Aruba!  Since 1999, the Balashi National Brewery has been producing its signature beer, Balashi, to the overwhelming approval of locals and visitors alike.  Crisp and refreshing, this Dutch-style pilsner pours brilliantly clear, golden in color, and light on the foam.  The foundation of the beer is none other than Aruba’s world-acclaimed drinking water, which is often referred to as “balashi” by locals. The brewery also produces the light and refreshing Chill—a beer that goes down smooth, especially with a squeeze of lime, and most especially while lounging on our beautiful beaches.  The newest beer, Magic Mango, is a lightly fruit Aruba Pale Ale.

And since the bottles are small, they can easily be wrapped up and taken home as souvenirs!  Website:


Playa Liquor & Bottling Company produces coecoei, a deep red alcoholic beverage used in many tropical cocktails. The recipe is centuries old, originally made by an Indian tribe of Venezuela and introduced on Aruba some sixty years ago. It is one of the ingredients of the island’s famous Aruba Ariba.

Ponche Crema

Ponche crema is a creamy and smooth beverage made of egg yolks, cream, rum, and a variety of spices, usually enjoyed during the holiday season. Wrap up a bottle carefully and take it home to add some island cheer to your next holiday celebration. Playa Liquor & Bottling Company and a few smaller businesses produce ponche crema on the island.


Palmera Rum

Cocktails on Aruba are often infused with Palmera Rum, blended and bottled by hand at a factory in Oranjestad. While Palmera offers several different rum blends, the coconut rum is a visitor favorite, while locals remain loyal to the original Palmera Rum, known for its oaky sweetness with hints of vanilla.  Website: