Don’t just take our word for it… Read and listen to what meeting- and event-planners who bring groups to Aruba have to say about us as a destination. What makes us special and how we compare?


“Personally, it is probably my favorite island in the Caribbean. Literally, just because there is so much to do. There is something for everyone. It’s like coming home, because I’ve been here so many times. I know the people and the hotels. It’s great! Professionally, it is an easy sell. You are the easiest island to sell to my clients, because your weather is fabulous year-round. You’ve got golf. You’ve got casinos. You’ve got night clubs. You’ve got incredible shopping…”

– Melissa De Leon, President and owner of MTI Events


“The air into Aruba was wonderful. Had a non-stop flight, which was great. The airport was extremely easy to navigate. Getting to customs once arriving was the best experience I’ve had on a tropical island in a really long time. It was really seamless. Airport was clean, staff was friendly. It was just like a wonderful arrival experience… The people are so hospitable and welcoming.”

– Jennie Silverman, Manager of Meeting and Events for Kumon North America


“I can say that they have done a very good job being creative, being great with execution. The food and beverage has been fantastic. … We took a tour for a couple of hours to the northern part of Aruba. Which I thought was beautiful and amazing. And it was such a nice way to see the island, and to enjoy the fact that Aruba protected a whole section of their Island.”

– Holly Kest, Vice President of Global Accounts for Conference Direct


“I get that question a lot… “What about the safety of our guests, is there an issue?” And in Aruba I never have a problem. I don’t ever worry about it. As a single female, a lot of times I may not necessarily be here with staff or my staff is working other programs while I’m advancing VIP dinners. I don’t ever worry. I walk around. I’m in my jewelry, I’m in my diamonds, I’m carrying cash. Safety is not an issue.”

– Melissa De Leon, President and owner of MTI Events

Aruba makes participation soar

We originally started with only 350 attendees, but because it was Aruba, our numbers went up to 450! Everyone loved the destination. I had several people request to change their departure date so that they could stay longer in Aruba. It was a huge success!

Bridget Regan, Morton Buildings

Unparalleled safety, and the locals themselves are an attraction!

They loved it! The safety of the island is primary and the amount of recreation was very well received. My group likes to dine out in groups of 4 to 20 people. Everyone was happy with the amount of restaurants and enjoyed many. The people in Aruba are also an attraction as they are all very warm and friendly. They seem to appreciate tourists and that is a big plus.

Cathy Newell, AGC NYS

All-time favorite destination

Aruba is one of my all-time favorite destinations! My guests had a wonderful time and were very thankful for my recommendation

Deanna Katz, First Discount Travel

Truly One Happy Island!

Aruba truly is One Happy Island! Beautiful beaches, consistently gorgeous weather, and a friendly, happy culture make this a great option for incentive groups. Our attendees had a memorable getaway!

Anne Raney, Bottom Line Travel Solutions, LLC

Clean, safe and wonderful service

Aruba was incredible. Very clean, safe and beautiful. The service was wonderful and everyone was very accommodating

Stephanie O’Farrell

Best. Trip. Ever!

Aruba was very well received. The attendees loved the island, the food, the shopping and rated it as one of their best trips ever, and they would like to return to Aruba again in a few years’ time.

Caron Lusk

Flawless… from start to finish

The program went flawlessly, thanks to all the great staff in Aruba. The Hilton Aruba was great to work with from start to finish. Any issue we did have was addressed immediately and the group loved Aruba

Allie Johnson