The Aruba Convention Bureau is proud to initiate Aruba’s second CSR Guide with the goal of bridging the gap between corporate groups visiting the island and enriching community work. While the Aruba Convention Bureau is pleased with the success of the guide’s first volume, it strategically chose to partner with CEDE Aruba to expand that version, adding more experiences and more areas of focus. CEDE Aruba is a dynamic community organization which caters to NGO’s on the island. Ultimately, the Aruba Convention Bureau hopes to facilitate the process of organizing the community project activity for your next event, bringing you a comprehensive CSR Guide featuring organizations, causes, and experiences that align with your group’s social values. All participating organizations are ready to welcome your ideas, donations, and helping hands during your group’s stay in Aruba

If your group is interested in giving back to our community, you are welcome to contact the Aruba Convention Bureau or CEDE Aruba to organize a fun and memorable volunteer day. CSR projects are highly customizable—whether it’s a monetary or material donation or a large-scale, hands-on group project. Every effort, big or small, is impactful and greatly appreciated within the local community.