Local souvenirs

There are several options for your group to browse local souvenirs and find an authentic piece of Aruba to take home with them. For one-of-a-kind local wares, visit the 100-year-old historic yellow monument building in Plaza Padú, known as Zoutmanstraat 1, tucked behind Aruba’s Parliament. There, the design store Cosecha (meaning harvest in Papiamento) features artwork and unique products hand-crafted by local artisans—all certified with a national seal of craftsmanship. Or, visit the Cosecha location in San Nicolas and peruse the kaleidoscope of galleries and shops on the southern tip of the island.

At Mopa Mopa, in both the Renaissance Marketplace and Mall, you can find stunning hand-carved sculptures decorated in intricate, colorful designs with a tree resin that is stretched and inlaid in the wood. Furthermore, on the downtown waterfront along L.G. Smith Boulevard, several market stalls, shops and low-key flea markets offer ample choice in must-have souvenirs for every budget. Near the cruise-ship terminal, your group can buy “I love Aruba” T-shirts and wear them for a group photo near the giant “I love Aruba” sign a few blocks away, across from the marina.