Other Products

Aruhiba Cigars

Local tobacconist Benjamin Petrocchi hand-rolls his own cigars made with locally grown tobacco, giving Aruba its very own cigar brand, Aruhiba.  Instead of using synthetic pesticides to protect his tobacco plants, Benjamin uses a natural, organic pesticide made from the leaves of the neem tree.  The organic Aruhiba cigars are available at the Aruhiba retail store located next to the island’s famous Dutch windmill in the Palm Beach area.  The retail store carries both classic and vanilla-infused cigars in a wide variety of sizes. Website: www.aruhibacigars.com.

Sende Candles

In addition to creating beautifully scented, handmade, organic soy wax candles, the two best friends behind Sende Candles have inspiring messages in our local language of Papiamento on the labels of their glass encased candles.  Labels can be customized for your group as well.  Website: https://www.sendecandles.com/

Moments Candles Aruba

Who doesn’t like candles?  Moments Candles Aruba hand-pours soy wax candles with delicious island scents like coconut-mango and watermelon-margarita.  Candles can be customized for your group.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/momentscandlesaruba



Creating handcrafted concrete works and woodworking inspired by Aruba’s nature, a variety of home and yard décor can be customized for your group.  From mini concrete planters to other small home accessories, this team of craftspeople can work directly with you to create custom gifts and amenities.

Website: https://spark.adobe.com/page/UV10XD5UBsz24/