Make a wave

Let’s face it: our beaches are one of the main reasons you want to plan your event here in the first place. So why not build them into your itinerary? Give your group a toes-in-the-sand experience for social events, group activities or organized team-building games on one of our breathtaking beaches. You’ve seen those picture-perfect wedding portraits, with guests practically glowing against our tantalizing turquoise sea. There’s no reason you can’t use the same backdrop for your business meeting or networking event.

Whether it’s the wide-open spaces of our award-winning Eagle Beach, the dramatic shoreline of Arashi Beach near the historic California Lighthouse, the nestled mangroves around Mangel Halto, or the turquoise expanses of Baby Beach on the southern tip of the island, there are dozens of beach settings to consider. Many of our beaches are well connected, with Wi-Fi and modern conveniences within reach. And if not, anything is possible on our happy island. Let us handle the logistics for you while you kick back and enjoy the view.