Rock your event

“Go stand in that crocodile mouth!” “Hug that giant turtle over there.” “Act like you’re Hercules holding up that giant rock” … These are just a few of the odd commands you may overhear from visitors snapping portraits of the mysterious boulder monoliths at Casibari. No one really knows the origin of the massive tonalite rock formations, but they are a unique and natural geologic wonder in the Caribbean. Their odd, rounded shapes also make them soothing to the eyes and, beneath Aruba’s ever-clear skies, they are the perfect backdrop for a decidedly different outdoor event experience.

Why not ask for an ultra-long table lunch set-up right on-site? Your group can enjoy a comfortable locally-sourced lunch out in the fresh air, while soaking in these gigantic hidden gems. There are also centuries-old rock paintings tucked inside the cavernous convergence of some stones. Conveniently located next to Casibari, there is also an outdoor entertainment venue with areas for open-air dancing and live music, and a wooden staircase where guests can walk up to a perched rock-top patio. Whether it’s an earthy daytime do or a magical evening event under the stars, Casibari offers a unique sense of place in an unforgettable setting.